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Miami Mid-Year Update 2013 Market Report

Miami Mid-Year Update 2013

The beat goes on as the Miami real estate market continues to be on the upswing. Inventory continues to drop and the number of sales continue to increase, resulting in price increases.

The shadow inventory finally came onto the market in the first six months of 2013, with an increase in inventory of 30% over the same six months in 2012. These foreclosures primarily impact the under $300,000 market segment. Short sales moved in the opposite direction, with a dramatic 77% reduction in inventory. Overall, these distressed properties only represent 16% of what is available for sale.

New construction is coming on line with new projects being introduced each month, but the question remains: will there be enough resale inventory to keep pace with the demand? In the meantime, expect prices to continue to rise through the rest of 2013.

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