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Best Tips for Email Marketing

We recently attended an Email Marketing Event and learned very valuable tips that we want to share with you to help with your Digital Marketing Strategy. We hope you enjoy the following tips as much as we did.


  • You have only 15 seconds to get the reader’s attention
  • The size of email page should be 8.5 x 11
  • The top 1/3 is the most important part of your email
  • Call of action is important
  • Video is the king of content. 93% of email readers click on a video
  • The best template for all browsers is one page design


  • 84% of the images are blocked on an email. Make sure to utilize the top 1/3 portion of the email with txt
  • Don’t use too many images on the top
  • After videos, images are on second place for email readers. 80% of the email reader will click on it


  • Use no more than 3 colors and make sure all colors match with your logo
  • The best background color for an email is white
  • If you use colors in your email, make sure they don’t overbearing over each other
  • Having color scheme creates recognition


  • The most common font size used is size 12. However with a mobile device font size 14 is easier to read
  • The best fonts to use on an email are Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, Times New Roman.
  • Use no more than two types of font on an email


  • The law requires you to enter the contact information at the bottom of the email, however as a suggestion you can use it on the top of the email
  • Place your contact information in txt not just in a logo
  • Include your Social Media icons. Gain wider reach allowing the customer to share with others


  • Links are the most important element of an email either on a video, picture or text.
  • Links tell you if your design was effective.
  • A link shows you what was the most popular topic
  • Links let you create a better segmentation. Your audience is speaking every time they click on a link
  • If you create a table of content on your email, make sure they link to your website or an article related to the email. It must fit your goal and audience.
  • Make sure all your emails come from a credible source and give the unsubscribe option to follow the anti-SPAM rules


  • The subject makes the content credible along with the from email address and name
  • Take in consideration some of the following best practices to catch the eye on a subject
  • Onomatopoeia – (snap! Crackle! Pop!)
  • Allusion – (Call me, Maybe)
  • Alliteration- (Seven Simple Solutions to Saving)
  • Chunking – (The few, the proud, the marines)
  • Numbers  – (use 3,5,7,9 by spelling the numbers as “five”, “nine”)

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